Welcome to Sonny Farms

The start of a beautiful life

While the Sonny Farms name was just established a couple of years ago, the land here has always had livestock. This property used to be one of Windsor's many grain farms in the early 1900's. We recently uncovered a large foundation to a barn which once held cows and David's father, who bought the property in the 70's, had sheep, goats, and a pony. That same pony continued to live in our care for 18 years and the goats we have now had joined the family in 2017. It only seems fitting for David and I to continue this legacy and with the addition of chickens, Sonny Farms was born. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to meet you some day :)

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Site updated as of 6/23/2022

Seramas Silkies

These are my absolute two favorite breeds to have. I love showing them off, so check out each breed's page below to meet everyone and see what's going on.

Fresh Eggs/Chicken - Friends & Family Only

Sorry guys, my egg list is completely full for the year. If you still want fresh eggs, I can find a few places/friends around your area.

I'll have meat birds again in August.

Go see our friends!

Sexed female heritage breeds: The 4 Five Farm (Bloomfield, CT)

Colorful hatching eggs or chicks: Rainbow Chicken Farm (South Windsor, CT)

Ayam cemani: Old Redding Farm (Sandy Hook, CT)

Other silkie options: Broken Coyote Ranch (Middlefield, CT) & Mary Smith (Preston, CT)

Lavender Brahma, Lavender Ameraucana, & Others: Fox Dog Farm (Kent, CT)

BBS Bantam Cochins & Mottled, Isabel/Crele, Lemon Cuckoo, Lavender Orpingtons: Cedar Crest Farm (Thomaston, CT)

Mille Fleur, Blue Mille Fleur, Blue/Blue Mottled, Black/Black Mottled, Splash Bantam D'Uccles: Little Feather Farm (Southbury, CT)