Hey there! I'm Jenn, the chicken tender, although I'd rather be a nugget honestly. I run Sonny Farms, with the exception of the goats. I'm allergic to them and the hay :( I take care of the finances, scheduling, supply runs, and all the chickens inside and on top of working [a pretty relaxing job] throughout the week.

At the moment, we have 5 coops, 3 indoor cages, 4 brooders, and tons of chicks. I've got big goals this year and they won't get fulfilled by themselves!

*David is still here, but he's been busy with his new job. He supports everything I do from afar and I couldn't have asked for a better cheerleader*

Nigerian Dwarf Goats


The sole survivor of a predator attack in Sept 2019 - he lost two siblings


She's one heck of a drama queen

Baby Girl

The Katy Perry of goats - sometimes she likes you & sometimes she doesn't.


Haley's Comet - Our sweet, sweet boy. Mocha's got some competition!


Our precious little girl, who is now a screamer. She really should apologize to all the neighbors.

Comet's younger sister.

The one who started it all - Sonny!

(he's a senior & hopefully qualifies for the discounts now)

Update: We had to euthanized our beloved Sonny on February 12, 2022. He was well over 24 years old and could no longer could get up on his own. After helping him up multiple times throughout the day for a week straight, he eventually just couldn't get up anymore. We made the call and let him cross the rainbow bridge.

We miss you so much and I hope you get to be as happy as you ever were. Rest in peace Sonny boy. Love you.