Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing/Reserving Chicks

Q: Do you have a minimum purchase?

A: Yes, 2 chicks. It's what's best for the babies.

Q: I want these chicks. Do I need to pay you first?

A: No. I do not accept payments ahead of time. Payment is at pickup.

Q: Do you offer grow-out services?

A: No.

Q: How do I buy chicks from you?

A: Contact me with your full name and what you're looking to buy. I'll discuss available pickup dates and arrival instructions with you.

Q: Do I need to bring a crate/box/cage?

A: I will provide a box if the birds are shorter than 8", otherwise you will need to bring one.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Cash, Venmo (@Sonnyfarms), Cashapp ($jennhuynh216)

Q: Do you sell laying hens?

A: No.

Chick Care @ Sonny Farms

Q: Do you use a heat plate or a lamp?

A: I use both. 2 weeks & older get the heat plate. For Spring-late Summer, a 75W bulb is used. Any chicks over the winter gets the typical Tractor Supply 250W bulb.

Q: What feed do you use?

A: Nature's Best Organic Starter/Grower most of the time. Serama chicks are so small that they get their own mixture.

Q: What bedding should I use in the brooder?

A: Coffee Grounds, Flake/fine pine shavings, or hemp would work best. Puppy pee pads and hay will also work, but require more cleaning. Do not use anything with cedar!

Q: What bedding do you use in your coop?

A: I have tried both pine shavings and hemp. I will swear by hemp 100%. It smells great and lasts 4x longer than pine shavings.

Q: Where can I find hemp?

A: Meriden Feed & Supply, Miner Hills Farm in Middletown, BOTL Farm in Ashford, CT

Q: Do you use automatics doors? If so, which ones? Which do you like best?

A: I have both the Chickenguard Premium and Omlet's Automatic Chicken Coop Door. Best bang for your buck would be Omlet's door. Both doors have pros and cons.

Eggs & Incubators

Q: Do you sell eating eggs?

A: Locals, friends, and family only. Our egg list is FULL. Visit The 4 Five Farm and join their eggshare if you'd like some farm fresh eggs!

Q: What incubators do you use? Which one is best?

A: Harris Farms Nuture Right 360 - 22 eggs, Kebonnixs - 12 egg, Brinsea Mini II Advance - 7 egg, and IncuView™ All-In-One. Each one has its purpose.

Q: Do you sell hatching eggs?

A: Only from my outdoor serama flock when available.

What about the roosters?

Q: I think one of the chicks I got from you is a rooster. Do you take back roosters?

A: If the chick was supposed to be a pullet, you will receive a refund or another pullet if I have any. I do take back roosters, but they will be sent to the bachelor pad that is not predator safe.

Q: I can't have roosters in my town. Can you take him?

A: No. I will only take back roosters from straight run batches sold by me.

Q: What do you do with all the roosters you hatch?

A: Space permitting, standard & silkie roos are grown out to near full sized and then processed for meat. I have private buyers who prefer this type of chicken versus your typical cornish cross chicken. Crowing bantams and standard cockerels/roosters that have not crowed yet free range with the layer flock. They will not be safe from predators. By surrendering any cockerels/roosters to Sonny Farms, you fully understand the risks.

Other Poultry Questions

Q: I just bought chicks from you, but I don't know who is who.

A: Contact me.

Q: How do you sex your chicks?

A: Silkies are DNA sexed through IQBirdtesting and seramas are sexed by visual or behavioral features.

Q: One of the chicks I got from you passed away.

A: Please contact me ASAP!

Q: Do you sell your ID bands? I bought chicks elsewhere and would like to some to ID them.

A: No, but you can find the rubber bands here or the zipties here

Q: How long have you had chickens?

A: I started my first flock in June 2020. It was not an impulsive decision, but rather a goal we had planned for since 2018. I have had plenty of time to do my research and am still learning new things everyday.

Q: How many chickens do you have?

A: That number is for me to know and no one else, hah! I can tell you it's somewhere between 1-100 150.

Q: How many coops do you have?

A: I have 7 coops total, but don't use all of them. The number of occupied coops depend on the space I need. There will always be at least 4 coops in use.

Q: How do you manage all the coops and so many chickens?

A: I made my birds' living situations more efficient so I don't spend too much time refilling feeders/waterers.

Q: Do you eat your own eggs and chickens?

A: I rarely eat my own chickens. I will use eggs as I need them.

Q: Can I come look at the chicks?

A: None of my birds are allowed to be handled by strangers before the sale. I can show you what they look like in person, but you won't be allowed to hold them.

Q: How often do you lose chickens?

A: Quite often with 8.5 acres of woods and open areas. We have foxes, coyotes, bobcats, hawks, and skunks. It comes with free ranging birds.

Q: If you lose birds so often, why don't you lock them up?

A: Anyone who free ranges as often as I do know why. Our birds are visibly upset when they don't get to go "outside". Free ranging eliminates almost all behavioral problems too. Many people get issues with integrating new birds into their flock or birds bullying a single hen - we don't deal with that. I'm able to put chicks as young as 7-8 weeks old with 2 year old hens. The littles have plenty of room to run away when needed and the older hens are too busy foraging to care about the littles.

Goat Questions

Q: How many goats do you have?

A: Five

Q: Do you have your goats for milk?

A: No, we just love having them as pets.

Q: Do you sell your goats for meat?

A: Absolutely not, sorry! They are our pets and we love them.

Q: Can I buy a goat?

A: No, we are not breeders.

general questions

Q: Are you guys hiring?

A: No, this is my home. We are not a large production farm with dozens of workers.

Q: Do you sell chicken coops?

A: No.

Communication Issues

Q: I messaged you on Facebook, but you haven't responded yet.

A: If you messaged me via my personal profile, sometimes messages are sent to the spam folder. I am not ignoring you, I just haven't seen the message yet. If you messaged me via the Sonny Farms page, sometimes it doesn't notify me until I open the page. Please be patient, I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Q: I've called you multiple times, why aren't you picking up?

A: Sometimes my phone doesn't showing someone is calling. I also get robo calls from unknown numbers more often than I'd like. Please leave a voicemail if you want me to call you back - I do not return calls from numbers who don't leave a voicemail.

Still can't find an answer to your question? Feel free to contact me via text, Facebook, Google, or Instagram!